Dream Catchers

Our Dream Catchers are all made by hand, with intention & care. We use branches & vines from the forest that have fallen naturally to bend into hoops. We also have bamboo hoops from artisans in Costa Rica. The strings we use to weave the inside of the Dream Catcher are made of waxed polyester & are incredibly strong. These are the same strings we use to make our macrame & crochet jewelry, as well as to sew our leather products. We find our feathers on our travels, they are naturally shed & never dyed. We create custom dream catchers for clients which can also include wrapped crystals hanging or other elements from nature.

Dream Catchers are the original creation of Native Americans & we were taught by Indigenous artists in Central America & given permission to continue making them. Dream Catchers are not only beautiful, they are also imbued with protective energy for the Dream Time. Hang them above your sleeping place to help bring messages from your guides & more clarity in dreams that seem confusing. The hoop represents the sacred Medicine Wheel & the Circle of Life. The inner woven web helps to catch & release unhelpful dreams while the beneficial dreams slide down the feathers & into your consciousness. If crystals are added there is even more healing energy emanating from the Dream Catcher. We can also make Dream Catcher patterns on necklace pendants.

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