Fire Bird Healing

Maria Carvalho Sandoval


I am Maria, co-creator of Fire Bird Art House & practitioner at Fire Bird Healing in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont. Fire Bird Healing is a space for clients to feel safe, process unresolved experiences, release blockages & receive an influx of Life Force Energy. Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs & your body always leads the way.
My healing studio is dedicated to connection, integration, love & peace. Together we craft an experience that will help you go deeper within yourself & let go of all that no longer serves you. With our intention a doorway is opened for your guides to come near & for you to heal in the way that is most beneficial for your life & purpose. This prayerful focus sets a powerful & safe container for whatever you might need to feel, express or receive. I offer Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki Healing & Restorative Yoga. Together we gently move energy & open pathways that lead to more freedom in the body, mind & spirit.
I channel Life Force Energy into the areas your body asks for.
You can choose the modality you feel most called to & you can combine any or all of them. There are always crystals in the room & under the massage table to help with our work. You also have a choice of crystals on your body, singing bowls, drumming, songs &/or aromatherapy.
I offer a sliding scale because I want to be accessible to those who seek healing. I also offer a special price for People of Color, Indigenous & Trans Folks. I’m here to help, please message me with inquiries. I would be honored to support you during your time of transition & inner work. 

I come from a long lineage of womyn healers who work with Earth’s elements, the ancestors, our hands & hearts – to nurture self-love, family & community. All people are intrinsically healing & have access to Source Energy. Sometimes we need others to be present with us & offer support as we journey through life’s challenges. I am here for you, this is my calling & my life. This is supported self-care, it can be a gift to yourself on your path of unfolding. Thank you & be well !



Lomi Lomi Massage Session : 60/90 minutes

Full body, relaxing Hawaiian massage with long flowing strokes that slowly build heat & melt the tissues. Flushes toxins from the Lymph System & body while gently aligning the spine & Chakras. This ancient Hawaiian healing practice is heart centered, connective, gentle & clears stagnant energy. CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki included, sound healing & aromatherapy optional. There will be a specific crystal grid placed under the massage table for every session. 









CranioSacral Therapy Session : 60/90 minutes


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This is a light touch technique that releases the soft tissues of the body & increases the flow of Cerebrospinal fluid. Gently opens up the bones of the skull & softens the fascia / web inside the entire body. A direct benefit to all organs & systems of the body. Receive gentle healing from chronic pain, injuries & buried trauma. Fully clothed. Reiki is always included. Drumming, aromatherapy & sound healing available. There will be a specific crystal grid placed under the massage table for every session.



Reiki Crystal Session : 60/90 minutes


Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of channeling Source energy – which is always beneficial, positive, life-giving & gentle. Fully clothed on a massage table, with crystals on the Chakras if desired, I can gently touch the body or my hands can hover above. Soothing to the Nervous System & eases pain, releases blocked energy & helps with integration of the Spiritual awakening process. Supports the release of that which no longer serves & to draw in more Life Force Energy, inspiration, relaxation, peace & abundance. Choice of guided Chakra meditation, drumming, chants, singing bowls & aromatherapy. There will be a specific crystal grid placed under the massage table for every session.



Temple Style Joint Rotations & Massage: 60/90/120 minutes

This is a full body Hawaiian massage incorporating gentle, slow joint rotations to unwind the limbs & release tension / trauma. Great for folks who like deep tissue massage &/or who want to go deeper in their healing journey. This is transformative, ancient, Temple Style Lomi Lomi. CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki included, sound healing & aromatherapy optional. There will be a specific crystal grid placed under the massage table for every session.



Distance Healing Session: 30/60 minutes

During a distance healing session I set up the table as if you are there in physical form. With your permission I am able to connect with your spirit & send Reiki healing to you. I place crystals on the table & make a grid underneath. I conduct a healing session as if you are there. At the same time or afterwards, you will take quiet time to lay down & receive the healing energy. It will come to you in whatever way is most beneficial for your journey.





Private Restorative Yoga Class: 60 minutes

For this healing experience I will prepare a nourishing herbal tea infusion for you. This session will be customized to your specific needs. I lead you through a guided meditation with singing bowls, chanting, visualization, drumming & a journey of the soul. I will lead you to move through restorative yoga postures that soften & open the body. In the safe & sacred space of my studio & our shared presence, you may find what needs to be acknowledged, loved, integrated, healed & released.





Clients Say :

‘My session with Maria was so exquisitely healing. Sacred, holistic, compassionate, peaceful, and empowering are words to describe Maria’s approach to energy healing. She gave me her full attention, listening and engaging with me in what I was hoping to achieve in our session. It was beyond what I hoped for. Maria is genuine, kind, and gifted. Our session was a spiritual experience for me. I left my appointment feeling grounded, relaxed, joyous and honored.’

                                  -Camille C.


‘Maria has a very gentle and relaxing touch. By the time she’s finished your session you feel refreshed and grounded.’

-Emily D.






‘Every time I am received by Maria, I feel that I am more easily able to be a faithful witness to my own experience in its totality. I am deeply grateful for her self awareness, and her continual process of aligning with the true nature of Gift in how she lives. My life is enriched by her Being and Becoming. Anytime that I return to Vermont, I will touch in with Maria. Steadily blessing the space between us, Maria. Blessings in blessings in blessings. May you be well, may you be at ease. Thank you so much.’

              -Evan G.


‘Maria is a very gifted healer. She performs Hawaiian Lomi massage with sensitivity & compassion to your level of comfort. Expect a welcoming & nurturing attitude & comfortable place to relax, breath, & heal.’   

-Jessica P.





‘I have received two Reiki and crystal healing sessions now with mama and sister, Maria. The first session I went in feeling out of balance in my solar plexus (low self worth and esteem, will power, allowing others to dominate me), blockages in creativity/sexuality/sensuality and feeling safe and grounded. With the help of her crystal allies, ancestors, and songs, she was able to move and release the energy gently and professionally, back to the mother earth to transmute the energy. She held compassionate and empowering space for me that allowed me to come back to my life feeling more connected to spirit and faith in my path. My second session I was feeling acute tightness in my chest, throat, face, and mind. Again, her crystal friends and magical loving presence allowed for the energy to be released with graceful ease, bringing me back to my center to move forward in my life clearly and calmly. Her Burlington studio space feels sacred, safe and approachable to all people looking for their true power and healing in their lives. So grateful for you Maria!’

-Marika P.


‘Maria is an old soul with wisdom beyond her years. Her energy is profoundly authentic, supportive, and loving. I highly recommend Fire Bird Healing!’

-Dr. Gregory V.






‘Maria is an incredibly selfless, natural healer. She understands what it means to be human to the core and it shows through her empathetic, nurturing healing practices. Her intuition is remarkably strong and it guides her in ways that are hard to express in words! My experiences with her are sacred and I cherish them immensely. If you are in need of some deep healing whether it is primarily physical in nature or mental, or if it’s both (which let’s face it, it usually is!) Maria will welcome you with open arms and an open heart.’

            -Corinne C.




‘Do you need a mama bird to wrap around you and lift you through all the delicate places and spaces in life? Call on Maria!’

-Joanna V




‘Maria’s energy work is brimming with love and wisdom. Her energy is very caring and maternal I felt very comfortable in my session with her. It was very relaxing and restorative after being through some tough heart centered experiences. The way she moves energy is very gentle, never jarring or too intense. Ideal for people healing traumas and resistant to opening up to another person. She has a spot on intuition and connection to her crystal allies and shamanic instruments. I definitely recommend getting a session with her!’

-Morrigan S