We at Fire Bird Art House create sacred body adornment with gifts from nature. Our main jewelry items are earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces & rings. We use silver wire as well as copper to twist, braid, hammer & make filigree jewelry. We make a lot of our jewelry with wax-coated polyester strings from Costa Rica. They come in a variety of vibrant colors & are exceptionally strong.

These strings are made specifically for the technique of macrame. Macrame is a labor-intensive process where tiny knots are made with strings. Within this intricate pattern lies the meditation. Spiraling around the stone, every knot tightens and makes a strong nesting place for the beautiful object of power. By weaving these thin, colorful strings we create many styles of jewelry in a range of prices, depending on the time it takes to make the piece and the value of the chosen gem. Another technique we do with these strings is crochet. We use a very tiny crochet hook to create wraps for the crystal.

We use clients’ treasures as well as our own items gathered from nature with deep respect – crystals, stones, bones, shells, teeth, feathers, antlers & wood. Every object is treated with utmost respect & honor. All of our crystals have been cleared & charged with the energy of the Earth, Moon & Sun in our own ritual process. Customers receive a write-up of the energetic properties of the crystals when they receive their finished piece.

Contact us to custom order your own healing piece of jewelry.