Amber Ring


This ring is made of a Silver wire blend & features a bead of Baltic Amber. It is a size 10.5/11.

Amber is made of fossilized natural botanic resins & Baltic Amber is the resins of coniferous trees from 30-60 million yeas ago. Amber is Connected to Light, Warmth, Solar Energies & it Aids in the Flow of Energy along the Meridians of the Body. It is very Healing, holds the Vibrations of Earth & Organic Life & Helps with winter depression. Amber brings Energy into all levels of our being, it puts us in touch with our own Essential Strength & Security.

Amber Helps with Manifesting Prosperity & Inner Transformation. It is a Purifier of the Aura, protects against negativity as a Light barrier. Amber is the key to ancient knowledge of ones lineage & Helps with Clearing family patterns. It is a form of Solidified Sunlight – other Crystals & Stones are born from Earth’s crust – Amber is first created by the Synthesis of Light by Plants & Trees. It is Connected to the Egyptian Deity Ra. It helps link us with Intergalactic & Inter-dimensional Light Beings.

Amber Affirmation: ‘I Call Forth the Cleansing & Healing of my Energy Field, & I embrace the Blessings of Physical Life’

Silver is the metal of Emotions, the Psychic mind, Love & Healing. It Generates Patience & Perseverance. Silver Expands one Psychic & Intuitive Abilities. Paired with Gems, Silver Amplifies the Qualities of the Stone. It Strengthens the Connection between the wearer & the Crystal, supporting a Harmonious Flow of Energy.

Silver is connected with the Powers of the Moon – Yin & Femme Energies. The Moon reflects the Light of the Sun & Silver deflects negativity from the wearer & Protects them Energetically. Silver is actually used in creating mirrors & so the person wearing Silver can Connect with that Energy & it will help to see life from an outside perspective.