Fossilized Coral Jade Necklace


This Striking Filigree necklace is made with a Sliver wire blend & Copper wire. It features a Beautiful pendant of fossilized Coral from Mexico & a small Jade Stone from Guatemala. This measures 12 inches from the back of the necklace to the base of the Stone.

Fossilized Coral is formed when prehistoric Coral is gradually replaced with Agate. Corals are marine animals & it is their skeletons that are fossilized & preserved. The entire process can take over 20 million years. The proper name is ‘Agatized Coral’ – this type of Agate is a variety of naturally occurring Chalcedony (Microcrystalline Quartz).

Coral helps Strengthen the bones & supports the circulatory system. It is a grounding Stone for bringing about change. Fossilized Coral Enhances Telepathic Communication with other Realms & Dimensions. It Promotes Inner Peace, Aligns Chakras & can help Clear depression. This stone is used in filters to Purify Water. It Facilitates a deep Connection with Earth, the Ocean & Goddess.

Fossilized Coral Affirmation: ‘I call upon the Healing Power of the Ocean & the Wisdom of ancient Coral beings to help me stay Grounded & Clear’

Jade is a Stone of Health & Abundance representing the Earth element & the Heart Chakra. It represents Heart Healing, it is the color of Heart Chakra green & the color of Nature. It holds strong & steady Energies that help with many aspects of Health & Well-being. It brings Harmonious & Nourishing sleep & dreams. It steadily grows Chi / Life Force Energy. Wearing it outside allows the Stone to draw upon Earth’s Energy Field & imbues that into the wearers’ Aura. It helps one carry the Energy of Nature even into the most sterile or artificial of environments.

Jade is Crystal of Abundance – the flow of Divine Energy into matter. It promotes Abundance in money, Love, fertility, happiness – whatever you are manifesting. It brings Harmony into business & family relationships. Jade stimulates the flow of Energy through the whole body, dissolves blockages & Energizes the Auric Field. This Gem helps the wearer feel more Joy in life & Heals scarcity-mindedness. It soothes the nervous system, Supports detox & also Aids in Healing from surgery.

Jade Affirmation: ‘I love life, & it flows through me in ever-greater Abundance.’

Silver is the metal of Emotions, the Psychic mind, Love & Healing. It Generates Patience & Perseverance. Silver Expands one Psychic & Intuitive Abilities. Paired with Gems, Silver Amplifies the Qualities of the Stone. It Strengthens the Connection between the wearer & the Crystal, supporting a Harmonious Flow of Energy.

Silver is connected with the Powers of the Moon – Yin & Femme Energies. The Moon reflects the Light of the Sun & Silver deflects negativity from the wearer & Protects them Energetically. Silver is actually used in creating mirrors & so the person wearing Silver can Connect with that Energy & it will help to see life from an outside perspective.