Copper Spiral Cuff


This cuff is made of a Silver mix & Copper wire. It measures 7 inches around, can be worn at different points on the arm & is adjustable.

Silver is the metal of Emotions, the Psychic mind, Love & Healing. It Generates Patience & Perseverance. Silver Expands one Psychic & Intuitive Abilities. Paired with Gems, Silver Amplifies the Qualities of the Stone. It Strengthens the Connection between the wearer & the Crystal, supporting a Harmonious Flow of Energy.

Silver is connected with the Powers of the Moon – Yin & Femme Energies. The Moon reflects the Light of the Sun & Silver deflects negativity from the wearer & Protects them Energetically. Silver is actually used in creating mirrors & so the person wearing Silver can Connect with that Energy & it will help to see life from an outside perspective.

Copper also magnifies the Healing properties of Crystals & strengthens the connection between the person wearing it & the Stone. It Amplifies & conducts Energy, creating a thermal & an electric charge. Copper connects the Physical & Spiritual realms, balances Chakras & Clears negativity. It is a Warming mineral which helps the wearer to release excessive energetic charge & to conduct Positive Vibrations.

Ancient Greeks polished Copper & used it as a mirror, so like Silver it also helps to reflect/deflect negative energies & gives us a clearer perspective of our life. It is connected to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, & to Venus. Egyptians used Copper to purify Water & keep wounds clean. They used Copper to make surgical tools in ancient India as well. Copper is the third most common trace mineral in our bodies so we have a deep link with it. This metal is physically Healing for stiff joints, the immune system & our blood. It promotes mental Clarity & emotional Well-being.