Aventurine Pyrite Necklace


This elegant necklace was expertly crafted using wire of a Silver blend, which highlights a Stone of Aventurine with Pyrite inclusions from Costa Rica. It measures 10.5 inches from the back of the necklace to the base of the Stone.

Aventurine holds the energy of Vitality, Growth & Confidence. It connects with the Elements of Water & Earth. This Crystal supports the Heart Chakra. It is a Stone of Optimism & Zest for Life. It helps one move forward with Confidence into new situations & changes in ones Life. It Brings a feeling of Lightness & Humor & allows one to look at the Bright side of difficult issues. This Stone builds Life Force & aids in rebuilding depleted Energy reserves.

Aventurine Balances ones Energy & Supports Emotional & Physical Healing. It helps one to release stagnant patterns, supports those with depression & Heals emotional or physical wounds. This crystal helps you stay anchored in the Heart during upheaval & keeps you Connected to the Earth.

Aventurine Affirmation: ‘I move forward with Optimism, Confidence & Renewed Vitality’

Pyrite is the Sparkle present in this Stone. It relates to the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus which is connected to Willpower, Confidence, Creativity, Manifestation & Action. It represents the Earth Element & Helps one to Channel Earth Energy into the Body. Pyrite Emits the Energy of Fire РWarming & Stimulating to the Body & Supportive of the blood. This Stone Purifies the Body of infection & helps with proper Endocrine Function.

Pyrite helps one to Channel Abundance, Stimulates Creative Energy & Aids in Overcoming fears. It brings mental Clarify & Focus & helps one to ‘come out of their shell’. This Stone supports with Releasing negative habits & establishing New Patterns. It Balances polarities & Creates Harmony in the Auric Field. Pyrite Inspires Creativity in many subjects including Math, Science, Sculpture, Architecture & more. This Crystal ally Increases Ambition, Commitment & Perseverance in the wearer.

Pyrite Affirmation: ‘My Will is Strong & I use it to accomplish the Manifestation of my most Benevolent Hopes & Desires’

Silver is the metal of Emotions, the Psychic mind, Love & Healing. It Generates Patience & Perseverance. Silver Expands one Psychic & Intuitive Abilities. Paired with Gems, Silver Amplifies the Qualities of the Stone. It Strengthens the Connection between the wearer & the Crystal, supporting a Harmonious Flow of Energy.

Silver is connected with the Powers of the Moon – Yin & Femme Energies. The Moon reflects the Light of the Sun & Silver deflects negativity from the wearer & Protects them Energetically. Silver is actually used in creating mirrors & so the person wearing Silver can Connect with that Energy & it will help to see life from an outside perspective.